Can I return my styro box for re-use?

Yes - styro boxes WITH lids can be returned in the same way as our cardboard boxes. 

While they’re not our branded boxes, these styro boxes usually come to us from our farmers to package produce, and we re-use them to minimise their environmental impact. We are more than happy to re-collect these and re-use them, as unfortunately polystyrene packaging can't be recycled. 

Styro boxes without lids, or with broken lids or broken bases unfortunately cannot be returned, as we can’t re-use these!

How do you return packaging?

Just leave it all out for us on your next delivery day. Unfortunately, we cannot arrange to pick up packaging if you do not have an order with us, the fossil fuels used for this extra stop outweigh the environmental benefits of the re-used items (especially as the amount of packaging we use is so low) . 

We ask that you consider the environment when you choose what to do with these items instead, and reuse whatever you can before recycling or disposing of the rest.

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