Can I return my jars for re-use?

Yes! Jars, WITH lids, can be returned to Real Food Grocer to be re-used.

Our bulk section of nuts, grains, flours (and so much more) is delivered packaged in glass jars. We accept the jars to be returned for re-use. Returned glass jars are sanitised and re-used to package our dry bulk goods, creating a closed-loop, zero-waste system! Please ensure that the jar is clean and intact (including lid) if you choose to return it for re-use, and leave it in your returnable delivery box on your next delivery day.

We are happy to accept any jar, even if it’s not from our bulk section - we can usually find a use for them! We simply ask that the jars have a lid, and the label is removed, with no sticky residue.

If you have a large collection of jars to return, we appreciate if you have something like an old tea towel to wrap them in, otherwise they often rattle around in the back of the delivery truck and unfortunately end up smashing on their way back to us.

Please keep in mind that we can’t re-use the jars without the lids! If you’ve misplaced your lid, it’s best to repurpose or recycle your jar at home.

Why re-use jars?

Of the 150,000 tonnes of glass collected for recycling in Victoria each year, the recycling process itself damages or contaminates around one third of the glass, to the point that it is unsuitable for recycling. Ultimately, it is sent to landfill. When combined with the 57,500 tonnes of glass disposed of in general waste bins (rather than recycling bins), this means that more than 40% of glass packaging consumption ends up in landfill. (Statistics from 2017-2018) 

Source: Victorian Parliamentary Budget Office 2019 

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