Can I return my milk bottle for re-use?

The short answer is: yes!

You can return your Schulz Organic Dairy plastic milk bottles WITH lids. If you purchased your milk from us, we can accept these bottles to be returned for re-use! Please ensure that the lids are with them, as we cannot re-use the bottles without. 

We repurpose these bottles by using them to package our worm wee from our compost bins, creating a nutrient-dense product for your rose garden or veggie patch. Just leave your milk bottle out in your returnable delivery box on your next delivery day, and our driver will swap the boxes over, leaving you with your beautiful, fresh groceries!

At this stage we don't have the capacity to take back milk bottles from milk that we didn't supply. We like to account for any waste that we sell or put out into the world, but we would be overwhelmed if we accepted any and all milk bottles.

Please remember, we can’t re-use the bottles without the lids! If you’ve misplaced your lid, it’s best to repurpose or recycle your milk bottle at home.

We are currently on Schulz’s Organic Dairy’s waiting list for milk in glass bottles. The glass bottles are returnable, which Schulz reuse as part of their circular process for waste elimination (eliminating both recycling and landfill). We look forward to providing this option in the future for those that are passionate about reducing their waste and carbon footprint!

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