Why Don’t You Accept Order Edits, Skips or Cancellations by Phone or Email?

There are a few good reasons for this

Real Food Grocer is primarily an online business with a small but dedicated team turning all the cogs and doing all the heavy lifting to get your goodies to your door.  For this reason we have invested considerable time and energy in to ensuring our customers have a comprehensive interface online that allows them to make all necessary changes including edits, skips, and cancellations.

The only time customers do not have access to a current weeks delivery is when their cut off has passed.  Unfortunately due to strict ordering deadlines with our suppliers we cannot make changes to orders once the deadlines have passed.  To avoid waste and the need to add unnecessary mark ups on our products we do not overbuy and only purchase what our customers have ordered.  

On the odd occasion that you are unable to access your account please email us on customerhappiness@realfoodgrocer.com.au.  We will do our best to attend to your query however if it is close to or past cut off it may be to late to assist with any changes.

We suggest checking your account and making any changes you may need to a couple of days before cut off to avoid disappointment.  

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