I Am Expecting A Refund/Account Credit

If you are expecting a credit to your account or a refund to your card and it has yet to arrive there may be a several reasons for that.

If you are waiting on a refund to your card, it is important to note that refunds can take 3 days to 5 weeks to process.  While our experience has been that refunds take on average 5 to 7 business days we have had refunds take weeks.  Once we refund through our system the processing time frame is out of our hands and is now in the hands of the merchant and banks.  

If you are expecting a account credit and it has not yet arrived, processing dates for credits are 2-3 days on average from delivery, the credit should certainly be there before your next payment is due to come out.  If you are unsure how to check for account credit please see the related document on how to view your account credit.  

If you are concerned about a delay in either a refund or account credit or have not received any form of acknowledgment that a credit or refund is due please email us on customerhappiness@realfoodgrocer.com.au.  In the case of a refund our staff can confirm that a refund has been processed and can provide you with refund reference number.  In the case of an account credit our staff can confirm with you that you are on the list for credits to be processed.  

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