How do I add a note to help the driver find my address?

Thank you for being so considerate - a little extra information helps a lot!

If you are wanting to add notes to your account for the driver it is easy. Navigate to your shopping list - the quickest way is by clicking on 'shop'.  

Just under our greeting to you are a number of icons that help you navigate and edit your account. To add or update notes to the driver, click on 'address' 

This will take you to a page showing 'billing address'  - this is also the address we use for your delivery.  Select 'edit'. The next screen will display your address in a form that is able to be edited including 'Account Notes' - place your notes to the driver here, and click update.

If you also have allergy notes here that is okay - differentiation between the two can help (such as noting ALLERGY INFO and DRIVER INFO), however we check all notes regardless.

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