I am experiencing an issue with the website

Sorry about that! When it comes to web issues, there are a few trouble-shooting methods that usually solve the problem.

  • Are you using your phone? Our website is best used on a laptop or desktop computer. 
  • If you are using a laptop or desktop, and are still experiencing issues, we would suggest clearing your cache. If you've never done this before, there are some simple guides on Google (be sure to follow the guide for whichever browser you're using - e.g. Internet Explorer or Chrome). If you are receiving a 'log in' message while you're already logged in, this usually fixes the issue!
  • If the issue persists, we also suggest trying to swap browsers - if you usually use Internet Explorer, try Firefox or Safari (for example).

If you are still experiencing issues after trying these steps, please contact us at customerhappiness@realfoodgrocer.com.au and we will be able to help :-)

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