I can’t customise my mixed box

The most common reasons:

The most common reasons that our customers are unable to customise their mixed boxes is that the cut off has passed for the current weeks menu, or alternatively the menu for the next delivery week has not yet been opened. Customisations for the current week close at 10am on Monday and Wednesday, depending on your delivery day. 

The menu for the upcoming delivery week is open for customisation by Friday evening - until then, you can add a box to your shopping list, but will not be able to customise it. Until then, you will see a message in your cart alerting you to the fact that the menu is not yet ready, so you'll need to hold tight before you can customise your box.

I am trying to customise the current weeks order, and my cut-off has not yet passed

If you believe that you should have access to customisations but still don't, or something isn't quite right, send us an email to customerhappiness@realfoodgrocer.com.au and we will settle the issue promptly so you do not miss out on your order.

I have ordered a Grocer's Choice Mixed Box

Our grocer's choice boxes do not have the ability to be customised. This box holds its amazing value for this reason.

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