How do I skip my order for this week?

If your cut off has not passed

If your cut off has not yet passed, the option 'skip list' will appear on the top right-hand side above the products on your shopping this. Click this option if you wish to skip your list for one week.  

What if I want to skip multiple weeks, or if I get a delivery every second, third, or fourth week?

If you would like to skip multiple weeks, navigate to the master list, and select the preferred next date of delivery on each product that belongs to the week you wish to skip. Just select 'edit' under each item, and you can change the frequency of delivery, as well as the next delivery date for each item.

Alternatively, at the bottom of the master list, you have the option to postpone all orders and items until your preferred date.

I can't find how to do this

If you are still unable to find how to do this, please email - we can help.

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