How do I customise a mixed box?

If You Have a Mixed Box in Your Shopping List

You should be able to see your customisation options below the seasonal box product on your shopping list.  

Check over the products in this list and select 'swap' on any items you would prefer not to have in your box - you will then be provided with other product options from the shop that are equal or lesser value. Your swaps automatically save, so there is no need to submit anything. If you change your mind, you can come back into your account at any time before your cut-off and adjust your customisations.

I Can't See Any Customisation Options Under the Box Product on my Shopping List

You will only be able to customise your box once the menus have gone up for the next delivery week, which usually happens on Friday or Saturday. Until then, you can add a box to your cart, but will not be able to customise it.

Customisations for the current week close at 10am on Monday or Wednesday, depending on your payment day

If you can't customise your box, this may be occurring because 

  • a) you are on the wrong tab. Make sure you are on the current week's cycle based on the date listed on the tab.
  • b) you are past your cut off. If it is 10am or later on a Monday or Wednesday, your cut off may have already passed. Once this has occurred, you can no longer adjust customisations for the current week's shopping list as we have already begun turning your shopping list into order. If you email us at we may be able to make changes, however we cannot guarantee it.

Nope, It Is Something Else!

If your cut off has not passed and you are looking at the correct tab, and can still not see your customisation options, please contact us at so that we can investigate and ensure you get an order.

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