How do I cancel all deliveries?

Cancelling all your deliveries is super easy

If you are wanting to clear all of your future orders, all you need do is to log in, navigate to the ' store', and on your shopping list select the 'master list' tab. Scroll down and click 'Delete all list items'. 

Two options will appear for you to choose from:

  • a) I'm going on holiday/ need a break from orders
  • b) I want to cancel all future orders

Be sure to select the one that is relevant to you!

If you select "I want to cancel all future orders"

You will be taken to a page with an opportunity to provide feedback. Your future orders will be cleared when you submit this form. That's it - all done!

Let us know why 

When you clear your account, we do ask that you provide a reason for removing future orders. We would appreciate your feedback to better understand any issues you may be having, or to assist you in getting the most out of your account - we can help!

If you select "I'm going on holiday/ need a break from orders"

You'll be taken to a page that will help you to postpone your orders for however long you need! You'll receive our usual reminder sms of our intention to charge you the day before your shopping list will be processed again, so if you postpone for 6 weeks, then realise you need to postpone for 6 more, that's cool - you can login at that stage (or any stage) and postpone further!

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