How can I track my delivery?

When do you deliver?

Real Food Grocer delivers Tuesday to Friday, in the early afternoon & evening. We prefer to get all our deliveries done before 9pm, but will keep delivering boxes until we have served everyone, regardless of the time. 

After 9pm we will not knock in case we disturb you, so if your ETA is late it is a great idea to use the information that we SMS you to see when your order is about to arrive.

Delivery day

Each suburb has a fixed delivery day.

If you are not yet a customer you can check out what the delivery day is for your suburb by checking your postcode using this search.

If you are an existing customer than you can see your delivery day on your shopping list. If you move or update your address your delivery day (and payment day) will update on your shopping list too. 

Your delivery day is shown next to the truck icon.

Once payment for your shopping list order has gone through, we begin to harvest and schedule your delivery. Each week your delivery will arrive at a slightly different time depending upon the exact list of deliveries we have on our schedule. 

On the day of your delivery, once we've organised our scheduled deliveries into a route, our amazing navigation system sends you SMS with an estimated window of your delivery time.

You will receive an updated ETA if there are delays, or if your delivery is anticipated to be early. You should receive an update approximately 15 minutes prior to your delivery, but please take this with a grain of salt, as traffic or unexpected delays may change this.

You will receive one final text, after delivery is completed, and your order is waiting for you on your doorstep.

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