When is my "payment day"?

Your payment day is the day when we take a snapshot of your shopping list, charge your card for the total, and begin to harvest, bake and pack all your goodies ready for delivery!

Your "payment day" is also the time when: 

  • Your shopping list will "lock" for the week, and you wont be able to edit it anymore.
  • We'll charge your chosen payment method for your order.

Your payment day will be either Monday (if your delivery day is Tuesday or Wednesday), or Wednesday (if your delivery day is Thursday or Friday). How do you know when your payment day is? It appears on your shopping list!

See the statement in the red circle - this tells you your "payment day" (for me it's 10am Mondays), and also whether it has passed for this delivery cycle. You can also see your delivery day in teal with the little truck icon.

If orders have closed and payments are processing, the background will be dark grey, and the little lock icon will be closed. 

If you haven't yet registered, or want a different way to check your payment day, you can search our most up-to-date info with our postcode search.

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