How do I checkout?

There is no checkout on the Real Food Grocer website

Our site is designed so you can set and forget your groceries - we know most households get pretty similar stuff each week, so we allow you to set up your carrots for weekly, fortnightly, monthly delivery. 

Instead of paying as you select your goodies, we give you a shopping list that you can add to and edit all week long, just like the one on your fridge. 

Then once a week, on your "payment day", we'll take a snapshot of your shopping list and charge your preferred payment method for the total. You'll have til 10am to add to, edit, skip or cancel the order - after that we'll be harvesting, baking and packing up your goodies ready for your delivery day.

Here are our top tips for new comers:
  • Your order will 'auto-save' - no need to check out.
  • You can make changes right up until we take a snapshot at 10am on your "payment day"
  • You can see your shopping list on the right of every screen in our shop (or down below if you're on mobile)- this is where you add to, edit and manage your orders - it will follow you around the shop as you go to keep managing your orders easy

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