Do I have to order a mixed box?

No, you don't have to order a mixed box.
But they're pretty amazing.

Grocers Choice Box

As the name implies – this box is Real Food Grocers' choice!  There’s no set menu, no customisations, no preferences, no ability to switch or leave items off the list. BUT That’s why it’s such a corker deal.

**No Customisations Available For This Box**

What can you expect for your money? You can expect to get roughly twice what you’d get for your money if you chose your own. That’s right – being a bit flexible with your meal planning can save you heaps of money!

Customisable Boxes

Each Friday we release the menu for the customisable boxes. These are available in a bunch of sizes, and you can choose from fruit only boxes, veg only boxes, boxes containing both fruit & veg, or all boxes containing all your groceries. 

Once the menu for the following week has been decided and released, you can log in and customise it - that means you can switch any item in the box for an item of equal value that you prefer.

These boxes are our most popular, with their careful balance between trusting us on selecting the season's best, and incorporating your own likes and dislikes. 

Our aim is to smash supermarket prices by 30-50% with the contents of these boxes - we estimate that if you get a couples fruit and veg box every week, you save about $2000 in the course of a year!

Your Selection

Some households just need what they need, and if this is you, we say just pick your own! You'll find we still surpass supermarket value across the basket - especially if you shop with a keen eye on the seasons and our specials.

You can also add extra items to a mixed box this way - for example, I get the large veg box, plus a kilo of mushrooms, some bread, milk & other grocery items, and about a billion mangoes when they're in season.

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