How much is the delivery fee?

Real Food Grocer does not charge for delivery for orders above $100.

Minimum spend for free delivery - $100

In order to continue to be able to offer free home delivery to our customers we have to be strict about our minimum spend. Most of our customers do more than just grab a few veg from our store which means that they get their delivery fee for FREE!

If you spend less than $100 the delivery fees are:

$16  when you spend less than $30
$12 when you spend $30-$40
$6 when you spend $40-$65
$3 when you spend $65-$100

Charging these fees means we can do more than just cover our costs - it means we can:

  • Grow our range of ethical, packaging free items for your convenience
  • Develop systems that reduce our waste and carbon footprint
  • Make ethical shopping more affordable with cheaper pricing on individual items

This Delivery Fee Structure Came into effect on 10 June 2021. Customers who registered with RFG on or before 9 June 2021 will continue to benefit from the old delivery fee structure until further notice. While we expect to eventually roll these fees out to existing customers we wanted to thank them for their loyalty by:

1. delaying any new delivery fees for pre-existing customers until 31st October 2021
2. When we do roll them out to pre-existing customers they will be heavily discounted

We know that existing customers will help us to ensure they do more of their grocery shopping with us so they can avoid delivery fees altogether (the best thing you can do is tell us what you wish we had in stock for you!)

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