Why is the cost per kilo approximate?

Natural Variation Of Produce

Apples & oranges are grown on a tree and not produced in a factory - and the size produced by the tree is effected by many variables, sunlight, temperature, water availability - and so so many more. At RFG we cherish all of these natural foods grown for us and don't think that fruit should be wasted for not conforming to an ideal size. 

That said often the fruit we purchase has been graded by size because that's just what the industry as a whole asks for - which means we have a fair idea how many pieces per kilo we will get for each item even before we have bought it - which is how we set our prices and offer you the approximate price per kilo information.

What Happens When There's a Discrepancy

Because nature is not exact and because we know that over the course of our relationship with you our system is set to overdeliver at every opportunity we're confident that everyone is happy with a 10% +/- on our approximate weights and prices. Anything over this in your favour is a win for you. However if the fruit is more than 10% smaller than we anticipated we make up the extra weight with some extra pieces - this happens automatically and you shouldn't have to ask for it - but if you think we missed an opportunity to give you some extras you should let us know so we can make it up to you.

Why We Sell By The Piece and not By The Kilogram

Yes - most of this approximation would be removed from the equation if we sold by the kilo - and that's part of why we give multibuy discounts because the more pieces you buy the smaller the risk for us that we'll have to give you more fruit than our price covers. But we don't do this - and that's mostly because our customers have made it clear they prefer to order 5 bananas rather than 0.75kg bananas. Additionally it saves us time in the packing warehouse and saved time means saved wages which means we can be more competitive with our pricing.

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